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Ahuva Kahana has been involved with the Haifa Bahai community for many years. She is the first Israeli artist to design and create exclusive jewelry for the Bahais'. She especially designed a crystal for the opening of the terraces and the Shrine. Ahuva takes her original designs and together with other Israeli artists creates beautiful and exclusive jewelry and artwork for the Bahai community. It is very important for her to meet the highest standards of the Baha'i values, because of that she pays special attention to the accuracy and details of the symbols used in her work. Every time Ahuva has a new idea or design she consults the Bahai center.
For many years her shop was in the Dan Panorama Hotel, four years ago she moved her shop to 95 S'derot Hanassi. Ahuva has attended the Persian Bahai Conference in Chicago in order to present her jewelry and creations.
In her shop you can find many Bahai creations, from prayer beads to gold and silver jewelry and souvenirs from Haifa.